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RS Battery & Inverter is an Authorised Dealer for Exide and Luminous Batteries and Authorised Distributor Microtek and OKaya Batteries, UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) in Nagpur, Maharashtra . We are leaders in supplying batteries for all kind of power solutions. Our experience, knowledge, proven methodologies, excellent service, that we deliver complete solutions to the Automobiles, Industries and Home needs, that help us to build customer loyalty through increased levels of service.

we have experienced tremendous growth by selling Exide batteries to various clients best solutions and services.

Today, we continue to remain committed to our mission of maximizing return on selling more batteries and by providing best-of services and products to clients

Our Offerings

Exide Batteries 

Luminous Batteries 

Audio Player Batteries

Batteries & Battery Charging Equipments,


UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) in Nagpur

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Best shop for Inverter battery in Nagpur.
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